Jenny Wittner, Associate Director

Jenny Wittner oversees the organization’s education and training advocacy programs. She supervises WE’s work to expand and promote transitional programs for low-skilled adult students that combine basic skills training with career preparation. She also leads our efforts to align adult education across the City of Chicago into a career pathways system that focuses on helping students navigate through college and earn degrees that lead to real career opportunities. Under her guidance, our advocacy for increased financial aid in Illinois helped win more than $50 million to expand tuition assistance for low-income students.

Since joining the Women Employed staff in 1999, Wittner has also led the effort to create career development tools for lower-income women; worked to increase welfare recipients’ access to education and training; and fought to improve the GED system in Illinois. She is a co-author of Skills Training Works: Examining the Evidence, published by the Workforce Alliance. Wittner is also an expert on the fair workplace issue of unstable and unpredictable scheduling practices and how they affect the lives of low-paid workers.

Prior to joining Women Employed, Wittner directed Chicago Commons’ Employment Training Center (ETC), a nationally recognized welfare-to-work program.  Wittner has taught English as a Second Language, trained teachers and volunteers, and authored reports and articles on the intersection of adult education and welfare reform.  

Wittner holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College and a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics and the Teaching of English as a Second Language from Northeastern Illinois University.

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