2016 Annual Report

This is How Change Happens

It's never a straight line.

 Advocacy campaigns are long battles with many twists and turns. New discoveries, barriers, and tactics emerge. Over four decades, Women Employed has developed the strategic know-how, flexibility, and tenacity it takes to win. Our 2016 annual report recounts the winding path to two vital advances for working women.


Impossible choices for millions

Employees—especially women, who bear the majority of family caregiving responsibilities—suffer without the right to earn sick time. Unable to afford a day off, they come into work sick or are forced to make impossible choices between taking care of their families and keeping their jobs. See how Women Employed and our partners and supporters helped to change this reality for nearly a million working people in the Chicagoland area.

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Too few signposts on the path to college and careers

Low-paid working women trying to better their futures through education encounter many obstacles. They are often unaware of what career path may be the best option for them or how to navigate their way. Watch the video below to learn how Women Employed is working with City Colleges of Chicago to give adult students more options.

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