40 Years of Impact

Women Employed has been adding pages to the history books for more than forty years by opening doors, breaking barriers, and creating fairer workplaces for women.

Our Accomplishments

Here's an overview of our more than forty years of accomplishments for working women.

Decade by Decade

Read about our milestones for each of the four decades we've spent fighting for change. 

Our Vision for the Future

A higher minimum wage. Stronger anti-discrimination protections for pregnant workers and new moms. Guaranteed family leave for ALL workers. These are just a few aspects of our vision for the NEXT 40 years. Learn more»

Let's Make More History

Help us add more pages to the history books by taking action today to ensure that working women have what they need to get ahead: quality jobs, fair pay, and access to education.

Spread the Word

Urge your friends and family to join us in making more history for working women!