40th Anniversary Kick-Off Event

Women Employed kicked off our 40th anniversary with a great intergenerational panel conversation about women's economic advancement, equity, and activism over the last 40 years. Our panelists discussed four decades of successes, the unfinished work still to do, and what we all can do to make positive change for working women.

See photos from the event:

"My generation...came into feminism thinking all the battles were won. We're seeing a new generation of activists...this is feminism. All of you are feminism. It's time you put your opinions out there so we can change who narrates the world."
Deborah Siegel, panelist

"The feminist movement has been a wonderful, life-changing movement. We've got to be the voices and remind the world that there are problems that need to be in the public spotlight."
Anne Ladky, panelist

"Technology has been completely revolutionized. If you're not using it, you're a step behind. That's where the younger generation is."
Carmen Berkley, panelist

       "The things I found most inspiring were the times when people talked about all the things we've accomplished while telling all the things that we need to do because it made me realize that if great women in the past accomplished the Voting Rights Act and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, then we can accomplish fair wages and sick days and childcare opportunities for women, too. This event enlightened me about all the problems and all the solutions because I had never heard about it before. lt was fun for me too!"
Sofia, age 11, audience member

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