Be a Champion for Women Like Carlisha

"My ideal job would be this job. I really want a set schedule, because if I could budget my money, I would be fine." -CarlishaImagine if your work schedule changed from week to week or even from day to day. Imagine getting 30 hours one week and 10 hours the next, unsure of what your income will be. Imagine paying for your children’s daycare and commuting for an hour, only to have your manager send you home without pay.

For Carlisha, a mother of two and a retail worker, this is reality. Unfortunately, it's also reality for millions of women.

With your help, Women Employed can work to end bad scheduling practices.

  • We will advocate with policymakers and employers for practices that make schedules more predictable and consistent.
  • We'll continue to fight for policies that give low-paid workers basic benefits like earned sick time—benefits that so many of us take for granted.
  • We'll promote protections from retaliation for employees who request schedule changes or use the sick time they earn. 

When we make progress, women like Carlisha will be able to lead more stable lives.

But we can't do it without you. Make a gift today* to help us tackle the tough issues that women like Carlisha face every day. Together, we can make a brighter future for women.  

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