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Together we can ensure that all women enjoy economic opportunity and security. With monthly gifts to Women Employed, you can help make this vision a reality!

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For more than 45 years, Women Employed has strategized, rallied, organized, and relentlessly pursued change for working women. We have come a long way, but there is still more work to do. 

"My monthly contributions allow me to seamlessly continue advocating for Women Employed month after month. Women Employed is so efficient with the funds it receives, and I know that every dollar of the automatic contribution I make each month is being put to good use."

-Ann O'Connor McCready, Partner in Progress

Amplify your impact and get these great benefits: 

  • Partners in Progress - $20 each month (just $5 per week)
    • We are continually forging new relationships and engaging our supporters to take action. Through volunteer fairs, WE councils, events, newsletters, and action emails–we connect passion with action. With a minimum donation of $20 each month, you can help us reach the next wave of advocates.
    • You enjoy the following benefits:
      • Activism Kit—we'll give you everything you need to take action on the issues that matter to you.
      • Networking opportunities
      • Donor recognition
  • Barrier Breakers - $45 each month
    • Through collaborations, we bridge the gap between state and local organizations so more policies, protections, and programs are in place that elevate working women and adult learners. A minimum monthly gift of $45 can help us continue to empower more women to break down barriers to advancement in the workplace and higher education.
    • You enjoy all of the above benefits, plus:
      • Q&A session with WE policy experts.
      • Professional and personal development workshops 
  • Investors for Change - $85 each month
    • WE experts and advocates take the stage at local, state, and national conferences and convenings to help create systematic change, whether it be in higher education or supporting women in the workplace. A minimum monthly gift of $85 can help advance our work and guarantee WE has a seat at the table.
    • You enjoy all of the above benefits, plus:
      • Welcome gift to new Investors
      • Regular insider updates from WE leadership
      • Complimentary tickets to select WE events
      • Recognition at The Working Lunch
      • Exclusive access to Investor events
      • Recognition as an Investor for Change
      • Access to a great network of advocates 
  • Gold-level Investors for Change - $125 each month
    • We launch public education campaigns to make certain that adult students, employees, employers, and the public are informed about policy advances that WE champions. With a minimum monthly gift of $125, you can help open opportunities and provide working women with the necessary tools to make economic security a reality.
    • You enjoy all of the above benefits, plus:
      • You'll get an exclusively designed WE lapel pin and recognition as a Gold-level Investor for Change
  • Or choose your own recurring monthly donation level! 
Your contribution to Women Employed ensures we can move forward advancing women's economic status—crafting new strategies and collaborations, speaking out loudly, and mobilizing others. We channel your financial investment into meaningful change for working women by making workplaces fairer and expanding educational opportunities for women.


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