Fair Workplaces

The Problem

Far too many jobs women hold fall below the standard that most Americans would consider decent work. They offer very low wages, few if any benefits, and little respect. Hours are irregular and schedules change constantly. Women are twice as likely as men to work in occupations with poverty-level wages. Over 40 percent of private-sector workers have no paid sick days. Sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination are common. Bad jobs keep women in a state of economic crisis and harm their children. We all pay the costs of low-wage work.


Women Employed has a long track record of expanding workplace rights and making workplaces fairer. Learn more »

Our Agenda for Change

More of the jobs women hold are good jobs with family-supporting wages, decent benefits, and opportunities to advance. All women have strong protections against discrimination and abuse. They can fulfill their responsibilities at work and at home.

EEO Enforcement

Equal Employment Opportunity

Ensure strong enforcement of equal opportunity laws, including equal pay. Learn more »

Unfair Scheduling

Fair Scheduling

Advocate for fair scheduling practices so employees can predict their hours and wages and create financial stability in their lives. Learn more »

Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

Raise the minimum wage and ensure that it keeps pace with inflation. Learn more »

Paid Sick Days

Paid Sick Days And Paid Leave

Establish a guarantee that all workers can earn paid sick time and use it without fear of losing their jobs. Learn more »

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Combat sexual harassment in every industry and empower workers to do the same. Learn more »