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In Illinois, where women make only 79 cents for each male dollar, Women Employed championed a bill to strengthen the Illinois Equal Pay Act by preventing employers from asking job applicants about their previous salary history. The bill passed the Illinois House and Senate with bipartisan votes, but state Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed it. Now Women Employed and equal pay advocates across Illinois are working to secure a veto override in the upcoming fall legislative session.

Live in Illinois? The proposed No Salary History Act (HB 2462) would stop employers in the state from basing your future wages on the pay you received in a past job. 

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Similar laws have been passed in Oregon, Delaware, and Philadelphia, and with good reason. Eliminating salary history requirements in the hiring process promotes equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender. There's also broad support in Illinois for this measure, including recent editorials in Crain's Chicago Business and Chicago Sun-Times calling for the bill to be passed. 

You may have heard arguments against the proposed law. This fact sheet debunks some common myths about the banning of salary history questions. 

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