Make a Plan to Vote

Make a Plan to VoteWe’re less than one week away from Election Day, and there are some important decisions that YOU need to weigh in on! Take a few minutes today to run through our checklist to make sure that you’re ready: 

Am I registered to vote?

What if I'm not registered?

I want to vote on November 8th—Election Day!

  • On Election Day you can vote at your neighborhood polling place. Fill out this form to find your polling place and their hours.

Do I need an ID to vote?

  • Live in Illinois? Generally, Illinois state law does not require voters to present a form of identification at the polls on Election Day, however:
    • Early voters must present photo identification at the polls. 
    • New voters who did not provide proof of identity at the time of registration may be required to present identification at the polls. 
    • For same-day voter registration you will need to provide two forms of ID with at least one showing your current residence address.
      • Acceptable forms of ID include: Passport or Military ID; Driver's License or State ID card; College, University, School, or Work ID; LINK, Public Aid, or Department of Human Services card; vehicle registration card; lease, mortgage, or deed to home; credit or debit card; Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid card; insurance card; civic, union, or professional membership card; Illinois FOID card.
      • Examples of mail addressed to voter that can be used as ID: transcript or report card from school; bank statement, pay stub, or pension statement; utility, medical, or insurance bill; official mail from any government agency.
  • Live outside of Illinois?

Who will be on my ballot?

Make sure that you know who will be on the ballot for local and national offices. While you will certainly have the most impact by voting for every position, you are not required to cast a vote for every office listed on the ballot. 

Tell your friends to vote!

And once you’re done, share this information and empower your friends and family to make their plans too. Every voice matters and every vote counts; take action today and honor your right to vote!