Thanks for Joining us for Beyond Balance

More than 100 people joined us on February 11th for a dynamic panel discussion about the challenges of meeting the demands that all working women face—whether it's 24/7 professional obligations, unpredictable job schedules, or the need for paid family leave. Thanks to everyone who came for making Beyond Balance such a great event, and for your commitment to improving the lives of working women and their families!

Meet Rhiannon

Rhiannon Broschat, working mother

The first thing you should know is that I'm the mom of an amazing 11-year-old boy named Alex. He's autistic, so he's very unique. He’s one of the most caring kids on the planet. I'd do anything for him.

Meet Nataki

For the last 10 years, I have worked as a restaurant server. I love the food business, and I want to make it my career. My dream is to one day have my own food truck, serving my signature dish. Jerk chicken. I know you all would love it!

Nataki Rhodes, working mother



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