FMLA Turns 20, But Doesn't Go Far Enough

CHICAGO—February 5th marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) by President Bill Clinton. The FMLA was designed to address the need for workers to take temporary, job-protected leave due to personal or family illness, or childbirth. Women Employed played an instrumental role in getting FMLA passed and signed.

But FMLA doesn’t go far enough. We need to expand the law to ensure all workers can take paid, job-protected leave.

40th Anniversary Kick-Off Event

Women Employed kicked off our 40th anniversary with a great intergenerational panel conversation about women's economic advancement, equity, and activism over the last 40 years. Our panelists discussed four decades of successes, the unfinished work still to do, and what we all can do to make positive change for working women.


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