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Since 1973, Women Employed has won changes in public and private sector policies and practices to open doors for women and improve their earnings. We have pushed for—and won—higher pay and better career options for women, more opportunities for training and education, and strict enforcement of fair employment laws.

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Equal Pay

Despite legal protections against discrimination, women today only make 80 cents for every dollar men earn. Over a woman’s lifetime, the wage gap results not only in lost wages, but also reduced pensions and savings. Learn more about the gender wage gap and what you can do to help eliminate it.

Complete the Degree


An investment with Women Employed is an investment in change. See what partners, policymakers, and donors have to say about Women Employed’s work and impact.

Champion Economic Opportunity for All Working Women

Invest in Women Employed. Investors for Change is our network of leaders who play a critical role in the promise of economic equity and advancement for women. The unrestricted support from our Investors gives Women Employed the flexible funds that enable us to seize the best opportunities for change and ensures we can speak up strongly, stand firm for women and families, and make a lasting difference for all working women. 

Annual Reports

Each year, Women Employed improves opportunities for thousands of women. Read our annual reports to learn more about Women Employed’s wins and the people and partners who helped make these achievements possible.

Our Staff

They draft testimony, rally students, secure grants, persuade legislators, write press releases, share ideas with educators, brainstorm with business leaders, tweet and post, and passionately believe in a better future for all working women. 



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