Women Employed and Kellogg Foundation Partner to Help Single Mothers Succeed in College

New brief outlines policy changes that will help more moms graduate

CHICAGO —Research shows that a college degree is one of the most successful routes out of poverty and into the middle class. But for low-income adult women already juggling work and family responsibilities, the time and financial commitments needed to attain a college degree can seem an insurmountable burden. A new brief from Women Employed, in partnership with the Kellogg Foundation, lays out clear policy changes that can help make college a more realistic goal for these women.

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Since 1973, Women Employed has won changes in public and private sector policies and practices to open doors for women and improve their earnings. We have pushed for—and won—higher pay and better career options for women, more opportunities for training and education, and strict enforcement of fair employment laws.

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Equal Pay

Despite legal protections against discrimination, women today only make 80 cents for every dollar men earn. Over a woman’s lifetime, the wage gap results not only in lost wages, but also reduced pensions and savings. Learn more about the gender wage gap and what you can do to help eliminate it.

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