The Reality of Unstable and Unpredictable Schedules

"I have been scheduled for as few as 6 hours in a week, and as many as 40, with just a few days’ notice. How is anyone supposed to plan their budget or schedule?"

- sales associate for a major retailer

Across the country, millions of workers in low-wage industries like retail, healthcare, and hospitality suffer from unstable and unpredictable schedules.

Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine that:

Your work schedule changes from week to week or even day to day. Some days you work night shifts, while others you work days.

You are scheduled to work 30 hours one week and 6 hours the next, with no expected pattern or warning.

You only get 2-3 days notice of your work schedule.


Some days you pay for child care and transportation across the city, only to have your manager send you home without pay.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

Women Employed is working to promote solutions to the problem of unstable and unpredictable schedules, and awareness is increasing across the country.