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Family leave and sick time: Have you used paid sick days, paid family leave, or unpaid family leave as an employee? How did they help? Are you an employee without paid sick days or paid leave? How has that affected you? Or, if you’re an employer, do you offer paid sick days or paid family leave? Tell us why.

Wage gap: How would a law preventing employers from asking applicants about salary history help you? Do you think such hiring questions have affected your ability to earn as much as you deserve? 

Unstable schedules: Are your hours at work constantly changing? Do you only get your schedule a couple of days or weeks in advance? Have trouble planning for classes or childcare or budgeting because you don’t know when or how much you’ll be working?

Pregnancy: Has your employer punished you for being pregnant, or refused to give you a basic accommodation that allows you to keep working and have a healthy pregnancy?

Balancing work, school, and family: Are you a working mom struggling to manage the demands of working while taking classes and caring for your kids? Let us know what it’s like.

Making ends meet on minimum wage: Do you struggle to support yourself and your family on a low wage? What challenges do you face because you’re not making a living wage?


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