Support Systems for Students

Fostering Success. A working mom secures financial aid and finds a community college program she likes. But when she returns to school, she’s faced with a minefield of obstacles to navigate: securing childcare and transportation; getting academic advising and information that helps her reach her career goal; and figuring it all out while juggling work, family, and school.

Many adult students struggle with academic, financial, and personal barriers. Nearly half are forced to give up on their dreams, dropping out before they complete their first year.  Women Employed works to eliminate obstacles that stand in the way of success.

We advocate for programs and policies to help bolster retention and graduation rates such as flexible financial aid (so students can attend school part-time and continue to work), affordable childcare, early-alert systems to intervene at the first signs of difficulty, and effective career preparation and counseling. We have also profiled community college programs that help students stay in school. Our "Promising Practises" profiles provide examples of successful programs that colleges can adopt to improve results. Learn more »


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