An investment with Women Employed is an investment in change. See what partners, policymakers, and donors have to say about Women Employed’s work and impact.

Dr. Carol Cowles from Elgin Community College on how Women Employed helped them improve their student services.

“Today nearly every working woman benefits from the policy successes achieved by Women Employed. It’s important to me to support this thoughtful, effective organization, which continues to make a difference for working women and their families.”

- Jill A., President,
Communications Firm

CNN’s Donna Brazile on Women Employed’s leadership.

“WE offers smart, sophisticated solutions to complex issues. Giving to them is the best investment I can make in lasting change for working women.”

- Joyce C., Vice President,
Public Relations Firm

"I have always felt passionate about promoting fairness and equity. WE makes it happen through its in-depth understanding and development of policies that create widespread change for all working women."

- Nancy K.,
long-term WE
Activist and Donor

“At the forefront of driving change for working women for almost 40 years, Women Employed enables those of us who have benefited professionally from hard-won victories to be a part of ensuring that the same progress is made for the millions of women who are still struggling. That’s why I am an Investor for Change.

- Melissa K.,
Senior Managing Director,
Financial Consulting Firm

Investor for Change Rebecca Girvin-Argon talks about why she supports Women Employed.

“I support Women Employed because I believe in making life better for working women. So many people have helped me throughout my career, and now I can give back.”

- Deb T.,
Attorney and Board Member

Illinois Sen. Ed Maloney on why he trusts Women Employed.

“WE has the experience and knowledge to make life better for working women—they have a track record that I trust.”

- Vicki C., Paralegal