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"Investing in the high road is definitely where it's at."

-Saru Jayaraman at Putting Change on the Menu

Click to view our slideshow. Tag yourself!Thanks to everyone who joined us for Putting Change on the Menu! You learned about the history of tipping in the restaurant industry, the impact that low-paying, low-opportunity food service jobs have on the women and men who work them, and you also learned about ways to make a difference. You heard from dynamic advocate Saru Jayaraman, and you also heard from restaurant owners, distillers, and brewers who are making the choice to treat their employees better.

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Thanks to the employers who joined us at the event—Dimos Pizza, Honey Butter Fried Chicken, Hopewell Brewery, KOVAL Distillery, and Sugar Bliss Cakes—and to ROC Chicago for helping to make the event a success.

Event Information:

Join us for a conversation with Saru Jayaraman.Chicago is a world-class food city, full of trendy dining options. But how can we ensure it’s also a world-class city for the workers who make those restaurants hum?

Join Women Employed on October 24th for a conversation with Saru Jayaraman, dynamic advocate and author of the new book Forked: A New Standard for American Dining. We’ll talk about the reality of the jobs in the industry and workplace standards that will make restaurant jobs sustainable for employees. You’ll learn about Chicago restaurants that are doing right by their workers, and you’ll find out what YOU can do as a consumer to make a difference.

About Saru:

Saru Jayaraman is Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United) and Director of the Food Labor Research Center at UC Berkeley. She has been named one of Crain’s “40 Under 40”, was listed in CNN’s “Top 10 Visionary Women,” was recognized as a Champion of Change by the White House, and received a James Beard Foundation Leadership Award. Learn more about Saru »

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