Thanks for Joining us for Beyond Balance

More than 100 people joined us on February 11th for a dynamic panel discussion about the challenges of meeting the demands that all working women face—whether it's 24/7 professional obligations, unpredictable job schedules, or the need for paid family leave. Thanks to everyone who came for making Beyond Balance such a great event, and for your commitment to improving the lives of working women and their families!

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Susan Lambert, Associate Professor in the SSA, University of Chicago

"Good jobs are a human right. They're fundamental."

Susan Lambert, University of Chicago, Associate Professor in the School of Social Service Administration. Ms. Lambert is an expert on scheduling issues for low-paid workers and the ensuing work-life issues they face.

Iliana Mora, COO at Erie Family Health Center

"The concept of work-life balance doesn't exist at the low-wage level. It's work, work, and more work."

Iliana Mora, COO at Erie Family Health Center and WE Board member. Ms. Mora was recognized by Crain's Chicago Business as one of Chicago's "40 Under 40" in 2013 for "using business acumen and a commitment to social justice to improve lives and make change."

Rex Huppke, Chicago Tribune columnist

"This stuff isn't rocket science. If you're nice to your employees, they'll be more loyal. It's good for business."

Rex Huppke, Chicago Tribune journalist of the popular workplace column, "I Just Work Here." Recent columns have included Huppke's thoughts on the difficulty of balancing work-life-family demands, women's representation in the workplace, and paid parental leave.

Moderated by Anne Ladky, Women Employed's Executive Director.


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