We are thrilled to announce that the WE Board has appointed Iliana A. Mora to be our President and CEO as of July 1st, following the retirement of Executive Director Anne Ladky. Listen in on a conversation between Iliana and Anne as they talk about the future.

Lori works as a home care aide. Because Women Employed helped pass the Illinois Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, Lori is getting paid for the overtime she works. Everyone deserves that equity. Together, we can do even more for women like Lori. Make a gift today »

Lori is a working mom striving to complete college courses. She hopes they will lead to the OPPORTUNITY for a better job, so she can better support herself and her daughter. Everyone deserves opportunity. Together, we can do even more for women like Lori. Make your gift today »

Lori's a working mom. To provide for herself and her daughter, she holds down two jobs. It's tough, but thanks to the work of Women Employed and our supporters, she will at least be able to take a sick day when she needs it, and have the SECURITY of knowing she won't lose her job. Everyone deserves that security. Together, we can do even more for women like Lori. Make your gift today »

The seven talented young women from Women Employed's 2016 Summer Leadership Program, sponsored by The Pattis Family Foundation, talk about their summer at WEwhat they worked on, what they learned, what inspired them, and their hopes, dreams, and plans for the future.

Mary works in retail, just like her mom did. But Mary's job is very different from what her mom's was. because she can't count on a stable work schedule. Find out how this impacts her and her son.

Learn more about unstable scheduling »

It's hard to support your family when you don't have paid sick days or a stable schedule, and you don't enough to survive. Hear the everyday struggles of real women, and make a gift to help us make work better.

See Women Employed's 40 years of accomplishments through the eyes of people affected by our work.

In 2016, we had major earned sick time wins in Chicago and Cook County, which will allow nearly a million more Chicagoland workers to earn paid sick time. But these were no overnight victories. See how this change happened. Then read our 2016 annual report.

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Learn about Career Foundations, the curriculum developed by Women Employed and City Colleges of Chicago that is helping adult students map out a career path and make the successful transition to college.