In 2016, we had major earned sick time wins in Chicago and Cook County, which will allow nearly a million more Chicagoland workers to earn paid sick time. But these were no overnight victories. See how this change happened. Then read our 2016 annual report.

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Learn about Career Foundations, the curriculum developed by Women Employed and City Colleges of Chicago that is helping adult students map out a career path and make the successful transition to college.

Emilie, who works at Honey Butter Fried Chicken, talks about what a difference the ability to earn paid sick time has made in her life at The Working Lunch, Women Employed's signature annual event.

Supreme Court expert Marcia Coyle talks about how the current Supreme Court vacancy is impacting the cases they are hearing and the decisions they are able to make at The Working Lunch, Women Employed's signature annual event.

We've had a lot of victories in the last year, but we couldn't have done it without YOU. WE's staff takes a moment to thank YOU for being a champion for working women. But we're not done yet. Help us make more change!

Members of Women Employed's Advocacy Council talk about a few of the ways that Illinois' budget stalemate is harming women, families, and students, and why they are taking action to find a solution. Join us. Visit to take action today.

Retail worker Rhiannon talks about what it was like to be fired from her job when she had to stay home with her son, and why we need a law guaranteeing workers paid sick days.

Senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett talks about how we need paid leave, paid sick days, equal pay, and other family-friendly policies at The Working Lunch.

Food service worker Nataki Rhodes talks about her erratic work schedules, and how that impacts her budget and her life.

Nataki Rhodes shares her story of working full-time in the restaurant industry for a decade without getting paid enough to get by. She's one of the women that WE is fighting to help by advocating for a higher minimum wage, better scheduling practices, and earned sick time.