Nataki Rhodes shares her story of working full-time in the restaurant industry for a decade without getting paid enough to get by. She's one of the women that WE is fighting to help by advocating for a higher minimum wage, better scheduling practices, and earned sick time.

Dr. Zeynep Ton talks about how offering good jobs, offering low prices, and making good money all at the same time is possible for retailers at The Working Lunch, Women Employed's signature gala event.

Dr. Zeynep Ton discusses the 'vicious cycle of retailing' and the importance of investing in your employees at The Working Lunch, Women Employed's signature annual gala event.


Author Lynn Povich and writer Jesse Ellison talk about their experiences at Newsweek, about fighting gender discrimination in the Mad Men era and the modern era, and about what still needs to change.

Author Lynn Povich, one of the original 'Newsweek 46' who sued the magazine for gender discrimination in 1970--and won, talks about why she felt it was important to put this important history in writing. Jesse Ellison, a more recent Newsweek writer, who also experienced gender inequality, talks about how important books like Lynn's were in learning about the original case and taking action to change her own workplace.

Lynn Povich, the first female senior editor at Newsweek and author of the The Good Girls Revolt, and recent Newsweek writer Jesse Ellison, give their messages to working women struggling to find equality in their workplaces.

Longtime Women Employed donor Janet Schumacher talks about her experiences in the banking industry in the early 1970s, how Women Employed helped her and women like her, and why she's paying it forward.

Donor Kristin Case talks about how WE is action-oriented, and why she knows her donation is a good investment.

Dama talks about the struggles she faced as a returning adult student and single mother, and how she's now closer to her goal of completing school and becoming a lawyer. Women Employed is helping thousands of women like Dama gain a brighter future. Help us help them.


Dama and Luz are both single mothers who returned to college to get better jobs and achieve their dreams. Women Employed works to ensure that students like Dama and Luz have the supports they need to succeed, and you can help us help them.