Tina Jackson is a member of Women Employed's Student Advocates for Success program, which brings together community college students to advocate for increased education funding and financial aid. Tina tells her story at Women Employed's annual event, The Working Lunch.

CNN Commentator Donna Brazile talks about Women Employed and the important work the organization does.

Illinois Senator Ed Maloney talks about why he feels Women Employed is a trustworthy organization.

Adult student Tina Jackson talks about what it's like to go back to college as an adult, how important financial aid is, and why students need to band together and advocate on the issues that affect them.

Toni Park, a restaurant worker who does not have benefits, talks about the times when she or her family members have been sick and she has lost pay because of it. She supports paid sick days legislation so that she and her family can have a better economic future.

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Veteran political analyst Donna Brazile at Women Employed's The Working Lunch on May 19, 2011.

Hotel Housekeepers Angela, Tina, Vania, and Khawlah talk about the long hours they have to work to support their families, and the toll it takes on their family life. Low-paid workers like these women deserve better, and you can help.

Rachel Readus, a former community college student, talks about how when she was in school, she and four other students successfully advocated for better financial aid.