Lisa Barrow, Senior Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, discusses how postsecondary education is key to increasing women's earning potential.

NPR's senior national correspondent Linda Wertheimer talks about how the landscape for female journalists has changed in the last 30 years, and about how important women will be for the upcoming election, at The Working Lunch 2012.

Whitney, a student at Kennedy King College, talks about how powerful Student Advocates for Success (SAS) is, and how effective it is at getting the voices of students heard.

Joliet Junior College student Kayla talks about how Student Advocates for Success is helping students on her campus to advocate for increased funding for the MAP grant.

Anne Ladky, Women Employed's Executive Director, talks about the crisis in financial aid funding for low-income students in Illinois, and what Women Employed is doing about it.

Rachel Readus talks about how she went from being a low-wage worker to a Registered Nurse making a good salary, thanks to the opportunity to go to school and get her degree.

Women Employed Investor for Change Rebecca Girvin-Argon talks about why she supports Women Employed, and why WE is a good investment.

Hear directly from students about why financial aid matters and what will happen if they lose it.

At The Working Lunch, Women Employed's annual event, Lilly Ledbetter urges all women to keep fighting for equal pay.

At The Working Lunch, Women Employed's annual event, Lilly Ledbetter tells the story of the 11 years she spent fighting for equal pay, after she discovered that she had been the victim of wage discrimination during her 20 year career at Goodyear Tire and Rubber.