Author Riane Eisler says that what's good for women is good for the world, at The Working Lunch, Women Employed's annual fundraiser, on May 4, 2010

In this video, produced by Women Employed's 2010 Summer Interns, they talk about what they worked on this summer, what they learned, and how they have grown during the Summer Leadership Program.

WE Can Do It! brought together advocates and activists for an evening of community, connections, and change for working women. The event was hosted by WE's Advocacy Council, our young women's leadership group.

Tina Jackson is a member of Women Employed's Student Advocates for Success program, which brings together community college students to advocate for increased education funding and financial aid. Tina tells her story at Women Employed's annual event, The Working Lunch.

Attendees of Women Employed's The Working Lunch talk about what part of the May 19, 2011 event they were most excited about.

Women Employed Student Ambassador Spencer Langley talks about why he got involved with Women Employed, and how WE is helping students to speak up and become activists.

IL Senator Ed Maloney talks about how important it is for people to talk to their legislators and tell their stories.

CNN Commentator Donna Brazile talks about Women Employed and the important work the organization does.

Dr. Carol Cowles of Elgin Community College outlines some of the challenges facing adult students and students with children, and what community colleges can do to help them overcome barriers to success.

Illinois Senator Ed Maloney talks about why he feels Women Employed is a trustworthy organization.