Dama talks about the struggles she faced as a returning adult student and single mother, and how she's now closer to her goal of completing school and becoming a lawyer. Women Employed is helping thousands of women like Dama gain a brighter future. Help us help them.


Dama and Luz are both single mothers who returned to college to get better jobs and achieve their dreams. Women Employed works to ensure that students like Dama and Luz have the supports they need to succeed, and you can help us help them.

Whitney, a student at Kennedy King College, talks about how powerful Student Advocates for Success (SAS) is, and how effective it is at getting the voices of students heard.

Joliet Junior College student Kayla talks about how Student Advocates for Success is helping students on her campus to advocate for increased funding for the MAP grant.

Anne Ladky, Women Employed's Executive Director, talks about the crisis in financial aid funding for low-income students in Illinois, and what Women Employed is doing about it.

Rachel Readus talks about how she went from being a low-wage worker to a Registered Nurse making a good salary, thanks to the opportunity to go to school and get her degree.

Anne Ladky, Executive Director of Women Employed, describes the work of the organization, and why it is so vitally important to working women and their families, at The Working Lunch, Women Employed's annual event.

Elena Herrera, student organizer for Women Employed's Student Advocates for Success (SAS), talks about how SAS is empowering students, and teaching them to become their own advocates, at The Working Lunch, Women Employed's annual fundraiser, on May 4, 2010.

Women Employed Student Ambassador Spencer Langley talks about why he got involved with Women Employed, and how WE is helping students to speak up and become activists.

Adult student Tina Jackson talks about what it's like to go back to college as an adult, how important financial aid is, and why students need to band together and advocate on the issues that affect them.