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  • Apr

    Spring 2017

    Women Employed announces that Iliana A. Mora will succeed retiring Executive Director Anne Ladky as our new President and CEO, starting July 1st. Plus, register for The Working Lunch, and learn about a new employer collaboration that aims to improve jobs for hourly workers.


  • Dec

    WE News, Fall 2016

    Another victory! Cook County has followed Chicago's lead and passed an earned sick time ordinance. Plus, check out new census data on the state of working families, and read how a long-time supporter is helping to secure the future.
  • Jun

    WE News Extra, Summer 2016

    Victory! On June 22, 461,000 Chicago workers gained the right to earn paid sick days when Chicago aldermen voted 'yes' on a new city ordinance. Learn more about the victory, and about Women Employed's leadership role in making it happen.


  • Dec

    Winter 2015

    Find out how you can be a champion for working women like Carlisha―a retail worker whose schedule fluctuates from week to week, see how Women Employed is helping more adult students get to college, read a tribute to labor lawyer and long-time WE supporter Peggy Hillman, and find out why Joyce Webb, and Investor for Change, supports WE.
  • Jul

    Summer 2015

    Learn how Women Employed is helping Chicago to create family-friendly work policies, find out about a new documentary series that's providing a window into the lives of low-paid workers, and hear from donor and advocate Abigail Sylvester on why she feels it's important to be involved and take action.
  • Apr

    March/April 2015

    Find out how a new Women Employed curriculum is helping students explore careers, learn how many Chicago voters supported paid sick days in a recent election, and learn about our upcoming luncheon with Valerie Jarrett on May 14th!


  • Oct

    October/November 2014

    See how momentum is building to raise the minimum wage in Illinois and nationwide, find out how we're organizing students on college campuses to fight for financial aid, and read about Cassandra, a worker whose unpredictable schedule makes it hard to balance her life.
  • Jul

    July/August 2014

    See a recap of The Working Lunch, our signature annual luncheon. Plus, learn about our upcoming screening of the new Anita Hill documentary, read about our victory for pregnant workers, and see how we stormed Twitter to raise awareness about college affordability.
  • Mar

    March/April 2014

    In this issue of WE News, learn how WE is leading the fight for earned sick time in Chicago, find out iconic journalist Lynn Povich's message for working women, help us end pregnancy discrimination, and see what we're doing to make college more affordable.


  • Nov

    November/December 2013

    See how we celebrated the past and toasted the future at our 40th birthday bash, read our take on the Affordable Care Act, check out highlights from our new annual report, and see our supporters' wishes for working women.