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  • Mar

    Spring 2011

    Did you know that people with incomes below $25,000 are at 3 times higher risk of partner violence than their higher-paid counterparts? Women Employed’s new curriculum for domestic violence survivors helps them transition confidently and safely back to work. Could your family survive on a minimum-wage job? Find out. And, get informed about why collective bargaining is still vital to workers.


  • Dec

    Winter 2010

    Employers who do good, do well. Discover why everyone wins when workplace policies improve. Meet a dedicated corps of community college students helping Women Employed mobilize student advocates. Explore an international women’s grassroots leadership initiative between the U.S. and Turkey.
  • Jul

    Summer 2010

    Women Employed goes to Washington, invited to the White House by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to discuss workplace flexibility. And back in Illinois, WE responds when financial aid for low-wage Illinois students is jeopardized.
  • Mar

    Spring 2010

    Read why the U.S. Department of Labor rated Women Employed’s Career Coach online job and career tool as among the 10 best in the nation. Hear from students about why our Clear Connections Project is making it easier to for them to transition back to school.


  • Sep

    Fall 2009

    Meet real people impacted by the work of Women Employed: students who cannot better their lives through education without MAP grants, low-wage workers with volatile schedules that make it impossible to count on a regular paycheck, and restaurant employees who have zero paid sick days.
  • Jul

    Summer 2009

    Women Employed supporters like you voiced which items should be on President Obama’s immediate to-do list. See what made the cut. WE combed through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to make sure it provides opportunities for low-income working women. Discover what we found. Hear from Deborah and Shira, members of our Alumnae Council and Advocacy Council, about what WE means to them.
  • Mar

    Spring 2009

    We marked President Obama’s first 100 days in office by celebrating the fruits of two years’ labor – WE was in Washington as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed. Read about other 100-day accomplishments. Shadow Elena on a day in her life as a student organizer. And, learn why bridge programs – which provide occupational and basic skills training – are critically important to back-to-school success, and what WE is doing to expand them.