Thursday, November 8, 2012

WE Urges President and Congress to Make Issues Critical to Women a National Priority

Huge Gains for Women in Election; Challenges Remain

CHICAGO — Tuesday’s election was a major victory for women and families. More women than ever now hold seats in Congress, and voters elected new leaders who are committed to equal pay, paid sick days, and other policies that matter to working women.

However, despite these gains, there is much to do to ensure that issues affecting women are a national priority. WE’s Vision for the Future: An Agenda for Women and Families highlights specific priorities for advancing women’s economic security and opportunity, including ensuring anti-discrimination protections for women workers, a higher minimum wage, and guaranteed family leave, and urges immediate action by policymakers.

“We are celebrating victories by progressive women and men on Tuesday,” said WE Executive Director Anne Ladky. “But there remains opposition to fair pay, access to healthcare, and expanded educational opportunities. Our vision for the future presents a clear path for realizing greater equality and opportunity for women through law and policy.”

WE’s agenda also calls for investment in community colleges, more affordable higher education, and better employer scheduling practices, among other priorities. WE will work with the President and advocate with Congress to enact our vision, including legislation guaranteeing paid sick days for workers.

 “We must capitalize on the election results and urge women to demand changes in policies that will make a positive difference in their lives,” Ladky said. “We call on President Obama and Congress to adopt our agenda and commit to making lasting gains for women and families.”

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