Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WE Urges Swift Passage of Increase in IL Minimum Wage

Ballot Referendum a Call to Action

CHICAGO —Voters strongly endorsed an increase in the state’s minimum wage in yesterday’s election, recommending a policy change that will benefit over a million Illinoisans in low-paying jobs.  Sixty percent of minimum-wage workers are women, and a quarter are raising children.  “We urge the legislature and the governor to act swiftly to enact the will of the voters,” said Anne Ladky, Executive Director of Women Employed, a leading advocate for economic advancement for women.  “A higher minimum wage is an essential step to enable hard-working adults earning the minimum wage to build more stable lives for themselves and their children.”

 “Raising the minimum wage will not only improve conditions for workers and families, it will boost our economy by putting more money in the hands of consumers who will spend this on everyday necessities such as food, gas, and rent,” said Melissa Josephs, Director of Equal Opportunity Policy. “No one who works full time should have to live in poverty, struggle to feed their children or put a roof over their heads,” she said. “It’s time to give low-wage workers in Illinois a raise.”  


About Women Employed

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