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Poll: Minimum Wage Earnings
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Take Our PollHow much money do you think a full-time worker earning the federal minimum wage makes each year?
Just the Facts
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Women continue to be concentrated in a small number of traditionally female occupations. In 2009, nearly one-fifth of all women were employed in just five occupations: secretaries, registered nurses, elementary school teachers, cashiers, and nursing aides.

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Minimum wage advances are under attack in states across the country. The Missouri House recently voted to repeal a law enacted in 2006 by voter mandate that indexes the state's minimum wage to inflation and cost of living increases. The bill approved by the Missouri House, which now goes to the Senate for a vote, would not allow the state's minimum wage to rise above the federal level.

Nevada lawmakers have introduced a similar bill to repeal a voter-approved minimum wage law, and other states across the country are discussing minimum wage roll-backs.
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From Anne's Desk:

It Doesn't Add Up

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How is it that cutting federal spending has become the top priority in Washington when here at home, jobs, education, and the economy are the real concerns? It just doesn't add up. Investments that working women depend on are on the chopping block right now, so we need to make our voices heard. 
House Republicans have proposed drastic cuts in Pell grants, job training, and child care -- among other critical programs. These are the same people who extended Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and are now demanding additional tax breaks for multi-million dollar estates. The cost of these tax breaks? $69.5 billion -- more than the total $61 billion in proposed cuts to programs that are vital to women -- and to economic recovery. 

Look at the impact on Illinois in this fact sheet from the National Women's Law Center. Your Senators and Representative need to hear from you!  
Anne Ladky, Executive Director

Come to The Working Lunch
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Donna BrazileThursday, May 19, 2011
The Fairmont Millennium Park, Chicago
Tickets start at $125. Get yours today!
CNN political analyst Donna Brazile will keynote our 38th annual luncheon. Ms. Brazile was the first African-American woman to manage a presidential campaign, and is one of Essence magazine's Top 50 American Women. You won't want to miss her quick wit and sharp observations of the political scene.

She Says...
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Maria HibbsMaria Hibbs, Executive Director of The Partnership for New Communities, is volunteering for The Working Lunch as a Table Leader. We thank her and all our Table Leaders.
Why did you become a Table Leader?
I'm experienced (AKA old) enough to remember when women couldn't take pregnancy leave without tremendous penalties. I remember when the law didn't protect me against sexual harassment.  Today we take these protections for granted, but somebody had to fight for them. That somebody was Women Employed, and they continue to do extremely important work. So it was an easy decision.

What keeps you coming to the luncheon year after year?

First: I am supporting an extremely effective organization. I believe in the mission. Second: there is always a fabulous speaker whom I learn something from and whom I respect a great deal. And third: I always sit with a table of fascinating colleagues and friends. They're not the same people every year, and that's part of the fun.

What are you looking forward to this year?
Hearing Donna Brazile's take on what's happening at the national level, and seeing if she has any terrific insights on the political landscape for 2012. I just respect her enormously. 

Join Us to Rally for Equal Pay
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Equal Pay Day Rally
WHAT: Equal Pay Day Rally
Tuesday, April 12th. Noon - 1 pm
WHERE: Daley Plaza, Clark St. and Washington St., downtown Chicago
RSVP Today!
Women in America, the report released this month by the White House Council on Women and Girls, shows that despite the huge gains women have made in education and in the workplace, the average woman still earns just 75 percent of the average man's wages.

To help raise awareness about the wage gap, Women Employed is hosting an Equal Pay Day rally on April 12th. Equal Pay Day represents how far into the new year a woman has to work to catch up to a man's wages from the previous year. Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon, Evelyn Murphy of The WAGE Project, and Doris Moy of the Illinois Department of Labor will speak at the rally. Join us and show your support for equal pay for equal work!

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