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2010/2011 Annual Report
She Says: Power Hours
Mayor Touts WE Initiative
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Don't miss NPR's Linda Wertheimer, keynote at The Working Lunch


The Working Lunch  
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Four in ten working women work evenings, nights, or weekends on a regular basis, and 33% work shifts different than their spouses or partners.

Source: BPW Foundation
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"Opinion: Germ warfare at work," Chicago Tribune 


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Last week, Congress passed a bill that will extend federal unemployment benefits through the end of 2012. The bill will avert what could have been a crisis for millions of unemployed workers, whose benefits were set to expire at the end of the month.
While we are disappointed that the version Congress passed will cut the maximum time that unemployed workers can receive benefits from 99 weeks to 73 weeks, we are pleased that some of the more onerous proposals on the table--including a provision that would have denied benefits to workers without a high school diploma or GED--were defeated.

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From Anne's Desk
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Anne LadkyThis week, we're releasing our 2010/2011 Annual Report entitled Cause and Effect--and we hope you'll take a look not only at the report itself but at the new on-line features we're debuting--videos, interviews, and publications that will give you a multi-faceted look at our cause (Women Employed) and the effect we're having (change for low-paid working women). 

The report highlights our exciting work with the City Colleges of Chicago to improve success rates for low-income students, our victory in restoring $33.5 million in student financial aid in Illinois, our campaigns to improve workplace conditions, and much more. We're grateful to all our donors, partners, and activists for all they do to make sure that we can have our intended effect--opening opportunities and ensuring a better future for all working women.

Stay connected to our cause--you're making a difference!
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She Says...   
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Diana Perez-DomencichMelissa Kibler Knoll has introduced more than 50 friends and business colleagues to Women Employed by hosting Power Hours.

What inspired you to host two Power Hours?
It's a great way to spread the word about the important work that WE does. I can help bring in new volunteers, donors, and supporters with a manageable time commitment. WE makes it easy by supplying invitations, assisting with planning, and staffing the event.

What do people learn at a Power Hour?
For many people, the fact that low-wage work disproportionately affects women raising families is new information. But attendees learn that by supporting WE, they can actually do something about it.

Why are you committed to WE's mission?
I'm appreciative of the strides other women in the workplace took before me and the major role that WE played in those struggles. Also, I know the challenges I face balancing work and motherhood, and it's almost impossible to imagine how women at the bottom of the socioeconomic spectrum cope.

To learn more about hosting a Power Hour, contact Natalie Pillsbury.

Mayor Emanuel Praises New College Initiative
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Cheryl Hyman
Women Employed is gearing up to launch an exciting new program to help Chicagoans go back to school and earn their credentials. The initiative is aimed at the nearly 300,000 Chicagoans who have some college but no degree. Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently announced Chicago's support for Complete the Degree, a cutting-edge effort led by Women Employed, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, Chicago Workforce Investment Council, and Illinois Education Foundation.

Women Employed is working intensively with our partner organizations to develop the program. The goal is to connect students with community and college services, like childcare, career counseling, and financial aid assistance that can help them overcome obstacles to success. All partners have been working hard to fundraise and create service strategies in anticipation of the April launch.

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