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Over a woman's lifetime, the estimated lost income due to the gender wage gap could feed a family of four for almost 37 years.


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The College Choice Report Act (HB 5248), would require state agencies to create report cards for consumers showing information including cost, and drop-out and completion rates at Illinois colleges. The Illinois Senate is poised to vote on this bill, written in collaboration with Women Employed. It would help Illinois' low-income students better determine which college is the right fit and best value for them.

The bill has passed out of committee and is now awaiting a vote in the Senate. If passed, it will go to the House for approval. We will keep you updated on its progress.
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From Anne's Desk
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Anne LadkyOur heartfelt thanks to all 900 people who joined us ten days ago for The Working Lunch, marking our 39th year of advocacy for working women, and to all those who generously donated and purchased raffle tickets there or online. We're proud to have your support!  

And we're very excited that so many attendees agreed to help Women Employed raise awareness about the challenges working women face. Nearly everyone in the room asked us to send them a copy of our "Get the Facts" video and fact sheet so that they could share it with colleagues and friends. As our speaker Linda Wertheimer reminded us, we can't be complacent when increasing numbers of politicians propose rolling back women's rights. 

One way you can make a difference is to counter with the facts -- our country's political debate could certainly use more of them! Please take a minute to click on the link to our video and fact sheet, get the buzz going, and help build the movement for change!
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p.s. If you haven't seen photos from the event yet, check them out on Facebook and tag yourself.

She Says...   
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Diana Perez-DomencichDonna Clayborn is an advisor for Complete the Degree, a new initiative of Women Employed and our partner organizations that helps adults who have some college credit return to school.

How is Complete the Degree helping adults who want to return to college?

It's a place for them to come if they don't know where to start. A lot of clients don't know how to get transcripts, how to manage college debt, how to figure out what school is a good fit for them. This is a place where people can get one-on-one guidance and answers.

What makes this program unique?
For adults who have some college credits and want to complete their degrees, this is a one-stop shop for information. They can come here and have all their questions answered. We help simplify the process. There's really no other resource like that in Chicago.

What's the most satisfying thing you've heard from a client?
I'm working with a client who told me that she's so grateful, because I ask her questions that make her think of things she never would have thought about, and that is helping her to make smart choices. That's gratifying.


Give 600,000 Women a Raise 
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Minimum Wage RallyDid you know that 80 percent of minimum wage workers are adults, and 59 percent are women? Did you know that in Illinois, a mother of two working full time for the minimum wage earns only $16,000 a year, which is more than $1,000 below the poverty line?
Last week, Women Employed was in Springfield, working to raise Illinois' minimum wage. We talked to key legislators, attended a minimum wage rally, and WE's Melissa Josephs spoke to the crowd about how important this pay raise would be for Illinois' lowest-wage women.
But we need your help to make this minimum wage increase a reality. This week, Illinois' Senate is debating a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $10.65 an hour over the next four years. This would give workers an additional $4,800 a year -- enough to raise a family of three out of poverty. Over the next four years, this bill will give 600,000 Illinois women a raise. Contact your Illinois legislators today, and tell them to support the minimum wage increase.

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