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  • Nov

    We don't want to keep talking about this

    Read about Illinois' ongoing budget impasse, hear some frustrations that workers with unstable schedules deal with, make a donation for #GivingTuesday, learn about the plight of child care workers, and find out what's scarier than zombie and slasher flicks.
  • Oct

    Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky: "I run on outrage"

    Hear about our breakfast with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, find out who our favorite champions for working women on Twitter are, read about new legislation that will help working women, and learn about our latest trip to the IL capitol.
  • Sep

    Another Win in the Fight for Paid Sick Days

    Read about President Obama extending paid sick days to federal contract workers, hear from working women struggling with unstable schedules, learn why our supporters are urging the governor of IL to pass a budget now, and more.
  • Aug

    Illinois Families Being Turned Away

    Hear how one student went from ESL class to college, learn about changes to Illinois' Child Care Assistance Program, bid farewell to our Summer Leaders, celebrate Women's Equality Day, and read how paid leave policies are catching on at tech companies.
  • Jul

    On-Ramps and Overtime

    See how we're helping adult ed students explore career options, learn what new overtime rules could mean for 5 million Americans, hear why Marketing Committee member Pat Arnold is passionate about WE, help enact schedules that work, and more!
  • Jun

    Winds of Change Blowing in the Windy City

    Find out how we're fighting for working families in Chicago, meet a college grad who was helped on her way by a transitional program, hear from our summer interns, stand up for pregnant workers, and get the latest news on the fight for paid sick days.
  • May

    Turning Students Into Advocates

    Hear about our renewed push for paid sick days in Chicago, find out how we're helping students become advocates, read about how policymakers are starting to pay attention to the issue of unstable scheduling, and more.
  • Apr

    Valerie Jarrett | Financial Aid Cuts | Raffle Tickets

    Get ready for The Working Lunch, learn how proposed budget cuts would hurt students, find out the Coalition of Women's Initiatives in Law is partnering with WE, get raffle tickets and win a trip, and lament our lack of progress in closing the wage gap.
  • Mar

    How Much has the Wage Gap Changed?

    Learn about Chicagoan voters calling for paid sick days, the persistence of the wage gap, and how founder Day Piercy remembers the early days of WE. Plus, get tickets for The Working Lunch and find out about the Illinois governor's budget proposal.
  • Feb

    Voters Are On Our Side

    Read about how most Americans don't just support our fair workplace issues but now actually view them as fundamental values, learn about Obama's tuition-free college proposal, hear the story of a warehouse worker with an unstable schedule, and more.