When We Come Together, We Achieve

On August 5, Women Employed hosted a lively roundtable discussion with three of Chicago's top women leaders on how to build influence and exercise power in civic, professional, and political life.

During the conversation, the speakers discussed the balance between "shameless self-promotion" and working collaboratively, what younger women can do to build power and influence, and how everyone—not just corporate leaders and elected officials—have an important role to play. All three speakers urged the capacity crowd of 200 women and men to be leaders in the continued fight for women's equity, and not to get discouraged in this tough political climate. 

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"Why do we want to focus on women, power, and influence? We're talking about power for a purpose. We need to make sure that women on all rungs of the economic ladder can succeed, and to do that, we need to marshal a lot of power."  - Anne Ladky, WE Executive Director, moderator


"I speak to a lot of women, and one of my main pieces of advice is for shameless self-promotion. When you do a great job you think you'll be recognized, and it just isn't true. It's important to take credit for what you do." - Susan Sher, former Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama




"I interviewed 30 women to write this book. I heard from so many that yes, we have to work hard, be assertive, and don't take no for an answer. We have to believe we can win with other women and for other women. When women come together, they can achieve." - Rebecca Sive, author of Every Day is Election Day



"People told me, you're too nice, they're going to chew you up and spit you out. But I found I was really good at building relationships and getting to know people. There's something special about what women can achieve together." - Robin Kelly, Congresswoman, Illinois 2nd District



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