Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Women Employed Profiles Student Success Center

Eastern Illinois University’s Innovative Program Offers Supports to Students Who Need Extra Help

CHICAGO – For many students, accessing the information and support services they need to complete a college degree while managing life’s other responsibilities can be challenging, and when students fall behind in their classes, getting ahead again can be insurmountable.

A new brief from Women Employed’s Clear Connections Project profiles Eastern Illinois University’s (EIU) Student Success Center, which offers a broad array of intensive services to students who need to improve their academic standing or address personal issues standing in the way of their academic success.  The program provides intensive follow up and academic planning for students who are on academic warning or are returning to school after academic dismissal.

Programs like the Student Success Center are vital to ensuring that more students stay on track to graduate. Women Employed’s brief highlights this program as a strategy that other schools can emulate to ensure student success.

“I wouldn’t be graduating in May if it wasn’t for the Student Success Center” says a student participant. “My study skills and time management were full of bad habits from high school, and [the Center] helped me fix them.”

Each year, the Center serves up to 3000 students. The Center has seen remarkable results since its creation in 2007. The percentage of students on academic warning who have moved to good standing has risen from 34% to 86%.

“We know that students need good supports in order to succeed in college while managing their other responsibilities in life, especially when they fall behind” says Meegan Dugan Bassett, Senior Policy Associate at Women Employed. “Bringing good practices to the forefront helps other colleges reform their practices and better serve these students.”

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Launched in 2007, Women Employed’s Clear Connections Project (CCP) focuses on increasing access to and quality of student supports to enable more low-income working students to complete college certificates and degrees. CCP works with community colleges, foundations, and policymakers to spotlight promising practices and promote policy reforms.

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