Friday, February 14, 2014

Writers Lynn Povich and Jesse Ellison Call for Workplace Change

“We loved Newsweek!
We just wanted Newsweek to be better for women.”

That’s what author and trailblazing journalist Lynn Povich told the sold-out crowd on February 13th at The Newsweek case that changed the workplace…or did it?—a panel discussion hosted by Women Employed.

Povich shared the story of how she and her female colleagues confronted blatant sexism at Newsweek in the 60s. In an era when women were told that “women don’t write at Newsweek,” they refused to accept it. She and 45 of her female colleagues brought a landmark lawsuit against the magazine in 1970—and won! Povich eventually became not only a writer for Newsweek, but also their first female senior editor.

Povich was joined by Jesse Ellison, a recent Newsweek writer who, forty years after the original lawsuit, came to realize that she and the other women around her were still experiencing gender discrimination. She co-authored a Newsweek article on the 40th anniversary of the landmark lawsuit, questioning how much has actually changed for working women.

These two women highlighted the similarities and the differences in their struggles, pointing out that women today don’t suffer the overt workplace discrimination that Mad Men-era women had to endure. Instead they face subtle obstacles that are harder to identify and fight. Both Povich and Ellison urged women to talk about workplace challenges and to stand up for change. Join them in their fight. Take action now»

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