No One Should Have to Choose Between their Health and their Job

Progress! The Chicago City Council introduced an ordinance that would ensure all employees have the right to earn sick time. Sign Our Petition to tell alderman it’s time for Chicago to pass an earned sick time ordinance NOW.

82 percent of Chicago voters said 'yes' to paid sick days. But right now, 42 percent of Chicago workers—that's over 461,000 people—do not receive a single one. Of low-wage workers, a shocking 80 percent do not have paid sick days. Imagine choosing between going to work sick, knowing you’ll make others sick, or risking your paycheck and even your job by staying home. 

Do you want your restaurant server to come to work sick?  Your healthcare or childcare provider? Of course not! 

It’s good for workers and affordable for businesses! It's estimated that paid sick days will increase labor costs for employers by less than 1.5 percent.

Women Employed is leading the Earned Sick Time Chicago coalition to pass legislation that will guarantee a minimum amount of earned sick time for ALL Chicagoans.

WE is also spearheading The Illinois Paid Leave Coalition, a group of over 70 organizations fighting for earned sick time for all Illinois workers. The Illinois Paid Leave Coalition is a member of Family Values@Work, a multi-state consortium of 21 state and local coalitions helping spur the growing movement for family-friendly workplace policies.

For more information on Earned Sick Time Chicago or the Illinois Paid Leave Coalition, contact Melissa Josephs at mjosephs[at]womenemployed[dot]org or 312-782-3902 x234.

Learn About the Chicago Earned Sick Time Ordinance

Join the 82 percent of Chicago voters who support providing paid sick days!

  • Full and part-time employees can earn up to 5 sick days per year, accrued hourly for every 40 hours worked.
  • Allows employees to use sick time for an employee's own illness, to care for a family member, to attend medical appointments, to handle domestic or sexual violence, or for public health closures. 

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82% of Chicagoans support paid sick days!

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