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The last two and a half years have provided an unparalleled window into the inequities and barriers women—especially those in low-or unpaid work, and Black and/or Latina/x women—face in the workplace and in achieving equity. It has also afforded the chance to drive change to the systems, structures, and practices perpetuating these inequities. We are motivated to keep leveraging every opportunity to drive change.

So, we continue to smash the status quo (not just in the workplace, but right here at WE as well) and build new pathways to success for women—whether that means advocating for better laws and policies, providing thought leadership on the path forward, engaging in public education to make sure we all know our rights and are empowered to demand they are respected, or build programs that help more women succeed. 

In our 2022 Impact Report, you’ll read about how WE are smashing the status quo to help women not only survive, but thrive.

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“I am a decades-long and very proud supporter of Women Employed. One thing I love most about WE is that it continually evolves to focus on the most important and timely issues for the women who need it most. WE’s work is research-based and accomplished in collaboration with a broad range of nonprofit, governmental, and corporate colleagues. And most importantly, WE gets results! It improves the lives and opportunities of individual women as well as their families and communities.” 

-Janice E. Rodgers

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Together, we will ensure more women, families, and communities can build their economic power and thrive.

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