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The critical nature of Women Employed’s work is more relevant than ever, as we work to emerge from a pandemic that’s had a hold on us for nearly two years; to emerge from a ‘she-cession’ that’s had alarming impacts on women—especially Black and Brown women—and their families; to emerge from workplace policies and practices that never worked for many of us.

In the midst of this pandemic, Women Employed launched a new strategic plan to help us emerge stronger, and to grow the economic power of women in low or unpaid work, and who are Black and/or Latina/x. Our bold social goal is to close the wealth gap at the intersection of race and gender. The work is vitally important, and it has already begun.

In our 2021 Impact Report, you’ll read about our work to build a new normal—a better normal—one that works for ALL of us.

Now is the Time

Non-profits leaders, elected officials, working people, and community members talk about the work Women Employed is doing to build a better society for working women, and how we are helping women and families to emerge stronger.

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“I am a decades-long and very proud supporter of Women Employed. One thing I love most about WE is that it continually evolves to focus on the most important and timely issues for the women who need it most. WE’s work is research-based and accomplished in collaboration with a broad range of nonprofit, governmental, and corporate colleagues. And most importantly, WE gets results! It improves the lives and opportunities of individual women as well as their families and communities.” 

-Janice E. Rodgers

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