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Systemic change comes with twists and turns. The systems run deep. The barriers and biases are entrenched and the battles long fought. But WE know what is at stake and WE persevere. Because WE work together. WE center the voices of those most impacted—Black and Latina/x women, women in low-paid roles. WE are steadfast. And WE are ALL IN.

The world looks different for women than it did in 1973. And, there is still much to be done. This year, WE made incredible leaps forward, which you’ll read about in this report. And WE are ALL IN for what’s to come—today, tomorrow, and for however long it takes until we achieve equity for ALL.

In our 2023 Impact Report, you’ll read about how WE are all in to help women not only survive, but thrive.

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“I am a decades-long and very proud supporter of Women Employed. One thing I love most about WE is that it continually evolves to focus on the most important and timely issues for the women who need it most. WE’s work is research-based and accomplished in collaboration with a broad range of nonprofit, governmental, and corporate colleagues. And most importantly, WE gets results! It improves the lives and opportunities of individual women as well as their families and communities.” 

-Janice E. Rodgers

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Together, we will ensure more women, families, and communities can build their economic power and thrive.

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