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Helping Companies Move Towards Building Equity at the Intersection of Gender and Race

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We provide sexual harassment prevention training for employees and supervisors.

As a forward-thinking employer, it is vitally important to prioritize gender equity. Creating a culture of not just inclusion, but belonging at the intersection of gender and race in your workplace will foster a more dynamic, productive, and ultimately successful business with employees who are enthusiastic about their work. 

But how do you get there? That’s where Women Employed (WE) comes in. For nearly 50 years, Women Employed has been a leading advocate for fair, inclusive workplaces for women, including women in low-paid jobs and Black and Latina/x women. We are committed to using our decades of expertise to support employers like you as you work to build equitable workplace practices for the women in your organization.

WE can help you move towards advancing diversity and inclusion for women. WE will enable you to take paper to practice, and practice to culture, by providing trainings, workshops, assessments, and road maps to facilitate the creation of an inclusive and welcoming work environment centered on closing the wealth gap for women at the intersection of gender and race.

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What WE Can Provide

Workshops and Trainings: Looking for group trainings or workshops on specific topics?  Our workshops and trainings can be done individually or as a series and can span across any number of themes.

Consulting: Our consulting services center on addressing more customized client needs and/or serving as subject matter experts.

Thought Leadership: WE can provide experts to speak on a wide variety of issues relating to building equity at the intersection of gender and race.

Themes and Topics to Engage With WE:

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Sexual Harassment Prevention: Beyond Compliance

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Increasing Worker Voices

  • Conversations for Change
  • Everyone Can Do Something
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Building Equity at the Intersection of Gender and Race

  • Building and Sustaining a Culture of Trust, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Removing Barriers to Advancement
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Building Economic Power for Women

  • Everyday Negotiating for Employees

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