Our Team

WE draft testimony, rally students, secure grants, persuade legislators, mobilize advocates, share ideas with educators, design systems improvements and programs, brainstorm with business leaders, tweet and post, and passionately believe in a better future for all working women.

Linda Ballard

Senior Development Officer - Major Gifts

312-782-3902 x 245

Shirlondra Brooks

Senior Program Manager

312-782-3902 x 252

Elizabeth Cunneen

Director of Finance and Administration

312-782-3902 x 246

Mary Kay Devine

Senior Director of External Affairs

312-782-3902 x 224

Cherita Ellens

President and CEO

312-782-3902 x 201

Corinne Kodama

Policy Analyst

312-782-3902 x 236

Sarah Labadie

Associate Director of Policy

312-782-3902 x 231

Jorian Lewke

Development Coordinator

312-782-3902 x 249

Ximena Leyte Escalante

Marketing and Engagement Coordinator

312-782-3902 x 227

Sharmili Majmudar

Executive Vice President of Policy and Organizational Impact

312-782-3902 x 243

Judy Miyashita

Director of Marketing and Engagement

312-782-3902 x 239

Marisol Moreno

Office and Accounting Coordinator

312-782-3902 x 251

Christina Perez

Director of Development

312-782-3902 x 225

Amanda Sousa

Manager of Engagement and Marketing

312-782-3902 x 223

Christina Warden

Director of Policy

312-782-3902 x 228

Lauren Wheeler

Policy/Organizational Impact Assistant

312-782-3902 x 250

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Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: (312) 782-3902 

Fax: (312) 782-5249

Email: info@womenemployed.org

Media Request?

WE welcome media inquiries, and WE have experts available who can talk about the issues that matter to working women.

Meet our Women Employed Experts

Need a keynote speaker, source for a news story, or someone to conduct a workshop in your organization? No one is better versed in the issues and policies that impact today’s working women than Women Employed experts.