Fair Scheduling

The Challenge

A reliable work schedule with adequate hours shouldn’t be a luxury.

Every working adult should have one, yet more than half of all full-time hourly workers report that their work schedules are anything but reliable—not stable, not predictable, constantly in flux. This all-too-common practice of unfair scheduling is particularly rampant in low-paid jobs where women represent roughly two-thirds of workers. Accordingly, it is women—and especially women of color—who more often bear the brunt of unstable and unpredictable scheduling. It’s bad for workers and ultimately, bad for business.

Since work schedules dictate everything, consider the impact of not knowing yours more than a few days—or even a few hours—in advance. You’re constantly concerned about whether you’ll be given enough hours to make ends meet, consistent enough hours to allow you to take classes or a second job, with sufficient notice to make doctors’ appointments and be there for your family. No working person should have to deal with the uncertainty and unnecessary pressure that unfair scheduling creates.

What We're Doing

WE believe all working people deserve the security of stable and predictable scheduling. Without it, women in the service sector, where these practices are particularly prevalent, are at risk of missing out on the opportunities —for career advancement, economic security, a bright future for their family, independence—that everyone deserves. Women Employed is increasing awareness, promoting solutions, and collaborating with employers to make schedules more consistent, predictable, and adequate—benefiting workers, their families, and businesses themselves.

WE recently won a Fair Workweek ordinance, which is now in effect in Chicago! WE are working on fair scheduling bills in Illinois and at the national level.

WE are promoting materials developed by the Chicago Office of Labor Standards (OLS) explaining the new rights workers have and how to file a complaint if those rights are violated.

WE are partnering with retailers to facilitate win-win scheduling strategies that benefit working people as well as their employers.

What’s Life Like with an Unfair Schedule?

See how unstable and unpredictable work schedules can impact every aspect of life.

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