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  • “She Says”: What WE is Thankful For
    on November 17, 2022

    As we prepare for next week’s Thanksgiving holiday, many individuals across the country are in deep reflection on what they are thankful for. For some, this time of year reminds people of the love that has been poured into them and for others, they are grateful for the five F’s: Family, Friends, Faith, Food, and Fellowship. But regardless of whether they are thankful for their jobs or just waking up another day with air in their lungs, one thing is clear, this holiday season is an […]

  • “She Says” with Kathleen Flynn-Barnett
    on October 27, 2022

    “I am good.” “I am strong.” “I am open.” “I am present.” “I am clear.” “I am generous.” “I am grateful.”These are the personal mantras that encompass who Women Employed donor, Kathleen Flynn-Barnett, is. The founder of the Ora Kathleen Flynn-Barnett Family Foundation, Kathleen is someone who understands the importance of human development and self-awareness. With her foundation, she aligns with organizations such as Women Employed to support them in taking risks and […]

  • Supporting Minority Serving Institutions in Illinois
    on September 30, 2022

    By Corinne Kodama, Senior Research Analyst, Women EmployedHigher education in Illinois is a crossroads, coming out of a pandemic that has created disproportionate challenges for community college students, student parents, and Students of Color. Coupled with a growing awareness among the general public about persistent racial equity gaps in higher education, it is time for Illinois to take action, and supporting our Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) across the state should be a part of that […]

  • “She Says” with Laura Luckman Kelber
    on September 29, 2022

    Giving is something that comes easy to long-time Women Employed donor, Laura Luckman Kelber. Being the daughter of a former Cook County Judge, she always had a passion for social justice and community politics. With dreams of one day becoming a senator, Laura had a change of heart and decided to follow a more creative path. One that led her to obtain an MBA instead of a law degree, venture into advertising and later marketing, where she is now the Chief Marketing Officer of Double Good. And […]

  • Student Debt Cancellation a Welcome First Step Forward
    on August 24, 2022

    August 24, 2022Today the Biden administration announced that they will cancel $10,000 of federal student loan debt for borrowers with income less than $125,000, and $20,000 for borrowers who had Pell Grants. They are changing income-driven repayment plans to limit payments to 5 percent of income. They also extended the student loan payment pause until December 31, 2022. These decisions will have a significant impact on millions of borrowers.Student loan debt is the second largest category of […]

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