Bridge Programs & Career Foundations

The Challenge

Career pathways are a proven strategy to help adult and non-traditional students succeed in school and access better career opportunities. But creating and implementing effective programs can be a challenge for education providers, like community colleges and community-based organizations, that often have limited resources. If WE can ease the burden, connecting education providers with expert tools and resources to pave the way for career pathways, WE can help more students earn their degrees.

What We're Doing

WE are championing two types of career pathways programs—bridge programs and Career Foundations—and providing colleges and community organizations with resources to help implement them.

Bridge programs are specialized courses that help students build the basic reading, language, and math skills they need to earn a GED, while also preparing them for their chosen career. WE partner with City Colleges of Chicago to create daily lesson plans for bridge programs in high-demand industries, like healthcare, information technology, and early childhood education. WE also work with community organizations and community colleges outside of Chicago to design and deliver bridge programs that will support adults to smoothly transition into higher education and further job training.

But what about students who don’t know what field they want to go into, or lack the academic skills to start a bridge program? To address this missing link, Women Employed partnered with City Colleges of Chicago to pioneer Career Foundations, an innovative course that helps non-traditional students explore their options, identify a future career, and learn what academic programs they’ll need to get there. As with lesson plans for bridge programs, WE have made Career Foundations lesson plans available to colleges and community organizations, making it easier for them to implement the course.

With our partners at the Chicago Jobs Council and the Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition, WE lead the Pathways to Careers Network—an initiative that drives college and career success for adult learners by sharing strategies and information, and by advancing policies to help adult learners complete college.

WE lead a consortium of community-based organizations in the Chicagoland area that offer Career Foundations to the people they serve, providing them with the information and support they need to get their programs off the ground, train instructors, recruit students, and transition those students into college.

WE offer the bridge and Career Foundations lesson plans we’ve developed with City Colleges of Chicago free of charge to colleges and universities across the country.

We also provide program evaluation services to adult education and employment & training program providers. Learn more.

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Bridge programs, Career Foundations, and the unified career pathways definition. Learn about the history of career pathways in Illinois and why they work.


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If you provide adult education and/or employment and training programs, Women Employed can provide program evaluation services to help you ensure your programs are effective.