Student Success

The Challenge

College success can be the key to financial stability. Every year, millions of women seeking a better future for themselves and their families make the decision to go to college. But far too many are stopped short, required to complete onerous developmental or remedial coursework that eats up time and financial aid dollars. Often, they are never able to progress to college-level classes, keeping them from the success they deserve.

Traditional ways of testing and placing students into developmental education are flawed. Though remedial education is valuable for those who need it, research shows that many students trapped in these courses would only have needed a refresher or extra tutoring to succeed in college. Black, brown, and low-income students are disproportionately placed in developmental courses, contributing to damaging racial achievement gaps in higher education.

We need a better way to determine who is ready for college, and to support those who are not, so that more students can succeed in their pursuit of a degree.

What We're Doing

WE are committed to improving developmental education in Illinois, advocating to make our state a national leader and an example for other states across the country. WE have evaluated the developmental education landscape, reviewing research and practices across the country and talking with experts in the field. Based on that work, we’ve issued policy recommendations—both to expand the criteria used when determining who requires developmental education, and to offer more students the option to enroll directly in college credit courses with tutoring and supports to help them succeed. WE are working with the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), the Partnership for College Completion, lawmakers, and advocates to ensure those policies are implemented across the state.

WE worked with the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) to develop a Workforce Education Strategic Plan which outlines measures to improve developmental education.

WE are championing legislative solutions that would reduce the number of Illinois students placed in remediation by requiring colleges and universities to modernize their placement policies.

WE are facilitating conversations with developmental education experts, academic deans, and college administrators to encourage leadership, expand best practices, and capture models of success.

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