For more than 45 years, Women Employed has strategized, rallied, organized, & relentlessly pursued change for working women, but there is still more work to do. Join us to get it done.


Ignite the spark of activism—connect passion with action. Help us do things like reach new volunteers and advocates to kickstart their activism journey.


  • Activism kit
  • Quarterly newsletter for monthly donors.
  • Phone loop with WE logo.

Intensify the embers of change—turn action into impact. Help us do things like collaborate with our councils, speak up in solidarity with low-paid workers, and influence policy.


  • All the benefits in prior level, PLUS:
  • Tote bag with WE logo.

Fan the flames of empowerment—arm workers with knowledge of their rights. Help us do things like translate tools and resources so all workers can advocate for themselves at work.


  • All benefits in prior level, PLUS:
  • Aluminum water bottle with WE logo.
  • Discounts to one WE event a year (excluding The Working Lunch).

Investors for Change

Feed the fire of individual impact to create systemic change. Help us do things like bridge the gap between state and local organizations so more policies, protections, and programs are in place to elevate workers and adult learners.


  • Regular insider updates from WE leadership.
  • Complimentary tickets to select WE events.
  • Recognition at The Working Lunch and in the Annual Report.
  • Exclusive Investor benefits.
  • Access to a great network of advocates.
Gold Investors

Sustain the flame to light a future of opportunity. Help us do things like partner with instructors to deliver life-changing career exploration courses that help students get to college or career training.


  • All benefits in prior level, PLUS:
  • An exclusively designed Gold lapel pin.

“I donate at the Investor level as an offering of gratitude for all the workplaces where I was treated fairly, my worth was recognized; I was given more responsibilities, encouraged to master leadership skills, and where my workdays were pure joy.

I support WE’s desire for every working woman to have such a fulfilling experience.”

“I support WE because they do what I can’t do in my day-to-day work as an attorney: proactively make the workplace fairer for women workers and provide them with opportunities for advancement. If my legal work puts a band-aid on a problem, the work of WE prevents the injury from happening in the first place.”



  • Monthly gifts keep our costs low, so your gift has more impact.
  • It’s easy! Each month, your credit card is automatically charged, so you drive change without having to think about it.
  • You receive exclusive updates from us about our latest work & initiatives.
  • You receive WE swag, so you can show off your support year-round!