New Report: Listening and Learning from Women Entrepreneurs

Business Ownership is a Pathway to Economic Security, and WE Want to Make the Path Less Complicated

Many women are seeking alternative paths to economic empowerment or complements to traditional work. As women look to step outside the traditional work model or look for ways to generate additional income, going out on their own can feel intimidating. 

Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, with Latina/x women close behind, and 54 percent of women with side hustles report adding over $500/month to their income. Only about 2.3 percent of venture capital goes to women entrepreneurs. And resources and information have traditionally been scattered with various organizations, listservs, and websites throughout the region.

A Revolutionary Tool for Women Entrepreneurs in Illinois

For almost 50 years, Women Employed has been creating fundamental, systemic change for working women, and we believe that entrepreneurship is a pathway to building wealth and economic security for women.

Collaborating with partners and women business owners, we created the Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub (WE Hub)—the first statewide entrepreneurship hub centering women in Illinois. It’s a revolutionary tool to empower more Illinois women to improve their financial security, build their wealth, and achieve their own vision of success.

NEW REPORT: Listening and Learning from Women Entrepreneurs

Find out what we have learned from women entrepreneurs, and our recommendations for how the broader entrepreneurship ecosystem can better support Women of Color business owners.

Through the WE Hub, WE Empower Women Entrepreneurs By:

  • Gathering valuable resources from trusted partners in the entrepreneurship space throughout Illinois in one convenient place.
  • Providing a supportive environment for women to connect, share experiences, and build community.
  • Raising awareness about opportunities for grants, loans, and other timely capital-raising opportunities.
  • Creating curated and personalized toolkits and workplans to make the entrepreneurial journey easier.

Looking to Start or Grow a Business?

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Want to Support This Work?

  • Do you have entrepreneurship experience and want to mentor women as they start businesses?
  • Are you a service provider looking to connect more women to your services?
  • Can your company provide loans and grants to women entrepreneurs, or a sponsorship to support the WE Hub?
  • Want to make a personal donation to help us advance this work?

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Together, we will ensure more women, families, and communities can build their economic power and thrive.

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