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Need a keynote speaker, source for a news story, or someone to conduct a workshop in your organization? No one is better versed in the issues and policies that impact today’s working women than Women Employed experts.

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Racquel C. Fullman

Communications Coordinator

Phone: (312) 319-2541

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Cherita Ellens

President and CEO

Expertise: Pay equity, workforce development, educational success, workplace fairness, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Starr De Los Santos

Senior Coalition Manager

Expertise: Gender equity, equal pay, higher education access and affordability, paid leave and the subminimum tipped wage, Time to Care, Illinois Full and Fair Wage, and Equal Pay Chicago coalitions.

Mary Kay Devine

Chief of Staff

Expertise: Gender equity, equal pay, salary negotiations, unstable and unpredictable work schedules, educational success, financial aid, advocacy, and social justice activism.

Tara Driver

Senior Career Pathways Manager

Expertise: Career counseling, career navigation, and racial equity in higher education, and employment for adult and English language learners.

Christina Green

ASPIRE Senior Program Manager

Expertise: Developmental education reform, racial equity and inclusion in higher education, and care work. 

Ibie Hart

Director of Business Development

Expertise: Entrepreneurship for Black, Latina/x, and women in low-paid roles, sexual harassment, economic security, salary negotiation, and gender equity.

Corinne Kodama

Senior Research Analyst

Expertise: Racial equity in higher education, student loan debt, economic challenges of domestic violence survivors, women over 50, and pay equity.

Sarah Labadie

Director of Advocacy and Policy

Expertise: Financial aid and other policies that help low-income students succeed in college, adult education, career pathways, developmental education, the Monetary Award Program (MAP), online and grassroots activism, paid sick time and paid family and medical leave, minimum wage, and pay equity.

Sharmili Majmudar

Executive Vice President of Policy, Programs, and Research

Expertise: Sexual harassment, gender equity, pregnancy fairness, workplace best practices, employer collaborations, unstable and unpredictable schedules, and social justice activism.

Christina Warden

Director of Policy and Programs

Expertise: Career pathways, strategies that help working and adult students succeed in college, and bridge program development.

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WE draft testimony, rally students, secure grants, persuade legislators, mobilize advocates, share ideas with educators, design systems improvements and programs, brainstorm with business leaders, tweet and post, and passionately believe in a better future for all working women.

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