2020 Voter Registration Guide

  1. Register to Vote: Make sure you are registered to vote and know the locations and deadlines for voting in your state. For Illinois voters specifically, click here to check your registration, register, and learn about early and mail-in voting.

  2. Make a Plan to Vote: Once you’re registered, MAKE A PLAN to vote safely. In some states, early voting begins as soon as 46 days before the election (Illinois early voting starts on September 24)! Like Illinois, your state may offer vote by mail, a safe and convenient option during the COVID-19 crisis. Check the vote by mail rules and deadlines since they differ greatly by state to learn more.

  3. Become a Poll Worker: If you are able, sign up to work the polls on Election Day wherever you live. Because of COVID-19, many communities are anticipating a large shortage of poll workers, which may result in fewer polling places or longer lines for those waiting to vote in person. Both of these may suppress voter turnout, so please volunteer your time if you can!

Together, we will ensure more women, families, and communities can build their economic power and thrive.

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