Congress needs to pass COVID relief for Workers and Families NOW

We are nearly a year into the pandemic, yet our federal government continues to offer only piecemeal and short-term solutions. While the Emergency COVID-19 Relief Act passed in December, we need more comprehensive and longer term solutions NOW for working women and families who continue to struggle through this ongoing “She-cession” both because of lost jobs but also lack of childcare which is causing women to leave the workforce. This economic and public health crisis has also disproportionately affected communities of color who are more likely to be frontline essential workers and have health complications from COVID-19, making it an equity issue as well.

In particular, we urge Congress to:

• Reinstate, extend, and expand emergency paid sick days and paid leave, closing critical gaps that leave many workers out
• Fund state and local governments to protect communities from further negative impacts
• Save child care for millions of families by providing emergency funding to stabilize the system
• Extend critical student loan relief
• Extend unemployment insurance benefits for the duration of the economic crisis
• Provide additional stimulus checks to families to help them meet basic needs

The above measures are crucial steps to protect the immediate health and financial wellbeing of workers and their families, and allow our communities and the economy to recover as quickly as possible. Make sure that your elected representatives hear your voice!

Take action now!

Together, we will ensure more women, families, and communities can build their economic power and thrive.

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