No Diploma. No Aid. Big Problem.

Nearly 10 million students benefit from the Pell Grant program each school year. These students include single, working moms who want a well-paying, stable career that will support their families. They are smart, hardworking students from poor families whose parents cannot afford to help with tuition. They become teachers, CEOs, engineers, doctors, and more. Their contributions to this country and this world have changed it forever.

But their future, and ours, are constantly threatened as our representatives and senators in Washington battle over the budget.

Sign our petition and join Women Employed and advocates all across the nation in supporting federal legislation that would stabilize and increase funding for Pell and help more low-income students get a college education.

I pledge to save Pell.

Many of the poorest students in this country, and especially low-income adult students returning to school, need federal financial aid to afford their college education. Without programs like the Pell Grant, students often have to resort to loans, working jobs with unpredictable schedules that frequently conflict with class schedules, and in the worst cases, not attending college at all.

This is not right! We need to invest in students, so that they can invest in themselves and their families. We need to resist efforts that erode Pell.

I support stabilizing and increasing funding for Pell, and helping more low-income students get a college education!